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Long explanatory notes make reading difficult when they occur in the middle of a paper or at the end of a sentence. If providing this information is necessary, do so in a manner which keeps the reader engaged. One method is the annotation, another is the footnote. Footnotes are useful as they allow authors to provide the additional information without disrupting the flow of ideas.


The purpose of this template is to provide a tool to display one or more footnotes at the end of a blog post or page. This template is used in conjunction with the apply text format (​ ​) toolbar selection to add a numbered superscript to the referenced text.




  1. Lorem Ipsum, www.lipsum.com/



<!--  wpX:FOOTNOTE -->
<div class="fnt:siz-sm">
  <hr class="aln:lt mar:vrt+0.5 rul:1x wd:1/4" />
<!-- /wpX:FOOTNOTE -->

​Template may scroll horizontally in some circumstances.


#footnote#The noted citation or reference from above.



  1. highlight & copy template to clipboard
  2. click the line in your content where the footnote will be placed
  3. click the toolbar insert template (  ) icon
  4. paste clipboard into the tool
  5. click OK to insert

This template is live in the editor and can be updated as desired.

  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022