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Template: Excerpt List
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Excerpt list mimics the blog summary functionality. In addition to the excerpt, the featured image is displayed with other key elements like categories, tags, and author. The template is very useful in the circumstance where a static page is used as the front page and the desire is to display featured blog posts.



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Excerpt List
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Excerpt List
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The Flier

The whole business led my wife to suggest a conference with our dear friends Pam and Becky, who were discreet and worldly and kind. How would they react, unknown – but it was worth a try. 

Xidipity WordPress Knowledge Base

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

I don’t understand – what are we doing wrong? It’s not like we asked for this and yet we are made to suffer. The worst is seeing those we care for, those we love, succumb to this ill fate. 




<!-- wpX:EXCERPT/LIST -->
<div class="bdr:bas-2 bdr:lt-so-3x bkg:tint-bas-1 cnr:arch-sm fx:r fxa:1 fxc:3 web[dsp:none]">
  <div class="pad:hrz+0.5">
    <span class="fnt:siz-lg-5x sm)fnt:siz-lg-6x"><i class="icon:tb_lst_unordered"></i></span>
  <div class="pad:hrz+0.5">
    <h5>Excerpt List</h5>
      <span class="pad:rt+0.125"><i class="icon:paperclip"></i></span>
      <span class="fnt:wgt-500">#title#</span>
<div class="mce[dsp:none]">
  [xlst align_img='#align_img#' cnt= #cnt# orderby='#orderby#' order='#order#']#category#[/xlst]
<!-- /wpX:EXCERPT/LIST -->

​Template may scroll horizontally in some circumstances.


#title#Blog title or other short description.

Display the featured image. Options include:

  • l = left
  • r = right
  • x = none

Maximum number of excerpts to display (0=all).


Identify the data element which will determine the list order (ie. “date”).


Display images in either ascending or descending order.

  • a = ascending
  • d = descending

Limit excerpts by identifying a blog category.



  1. highlight & copy template to clipboard
  2. click the line in your content where the list will be placed
  3. open the Xidipity Template Editor in a separate tab
  4. paste clipboard into the editor
  5. update the #title# marker as desired
  6. update the #align_img# marker as desired
  7. update the #cnt# marker as desired
  8. update the #orderby# marker as desired
  9. update the #order# marker as desired
  10. update the #category# marker as desired
  11. highlight & copy updated template to clipboard
  12. click the toolbar insert template (  ) icon
  13. paste clipboard into the tool
  14. click OK to insert

Although optional, it is recommended feature images be attached to your posts.

  • Since: v1.0.0


September 24, 2022