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An excerpt is a short summary or description of the blog post it refers to. Unless otherwise directed, WordPress will create an excerpt using the first thirty five characters of the content. Xidipity provides a recommended method which gives authors the ability to create custom excerpts using the “insert excerpt” toolbar selection located under the miscellaneous ( ​ ​ ) options. The purpose of this template is to display the available excerpt with an optional read more link.



Editor view
The Flier


Web view
The Flier
The whole business led my wife to suggest a conference with our dear friends Pam and Becky, who were discreet and worldly and kind. How would they react, unknown – but it was worth a try. 



<div class="bdr:bas-2 bdr:lt-so-3x bkg:tint-bas-1 cnr:arch-sm fx:r fxa:1 fxc:3 web[dsp:none]">
  <div class="pad:hrz+0.5">
    <span class="fnt:siz-lg-5x sm)fnt:siz-lg-6x"><i class="icon:signature"></i></span>
  <div class="pad:hrz+0.5">
      <span class="pad:rt+0.125"><i class="icon:file"></i></span>
      <span class="fnt:wgt-500">#title#</span>
<div class="mar:vrt+0.5 mce[dsp:none]">[excerpt "readmore"] #post# [/excerpt]</div>

​Template may scroll horizontally in some circumstances.


#title#Blog title or other short description.
readmoreDisplay read more link flag. Remove this flag to hide link.
#post#Blog title.



  1. highlight & copy template to clipboard
  2. if content 1st line is not empty, move content down a line
  3. click the 1st line of your content
  4. open the Xidipity Template Editor in a separate tab
  5. click the toolbar insert template (  ) icon
  6. paste clipboard into the editor
  7. update the #title# marker with Blog title or as desired
  8. delete readmore flag to remove link if desired
  9. update the #post# marker with Blog title
  10. highlight & copy updated template to clipboard
  11. click the toolbar insert template (  ) icon
  12. paste clipboard into the tool
  13. click OK to insert

Excerpts can also be added to pages. Even though they do not display they help with the search function.

  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022