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The purpose of this template is to display an annotation to add clarity to the content. In verbal conversations it is analogous to saying “for your awareness”.







<!-- wpX:ANNOTATION -->
  class="bdr:lt-so-3x bdr:separate bkg:tint-bas-1 cnr:arch-sm pad:vrt+0.375 wd:100%"
  style="border-color: var(--hue-bas-dn2)"
      <td class="aln:md aln:txt-ct wd:3 sm)wd:5">
        <span id="75h69" class="fnt:siz-lg-2x sm)fnt:siz-lg-5x" style="color: var(--hue-sec-dn2)">
          <i class="material-icons-round">question_answer</i>
      <td class="aln:md fnt:siz-sm pad:hrz+0.5 wd:100%">
<!-- /wpX:ANNOTATION -->

​Template may scroll horizontally in some circumstances.


#message#Replace this marker with the desired content.



  1. highlight & copy template to clipboard
  2. click the line in your content where the annotation will be placed
  3. click the toolbar insert template (  ) icon
  4. paste clipboard into the tool
  5. click OK to insert
  6. click #message# marker to edit

There are no restrictions on the content which can replace the  #message# marker and this content can be styled using all the available options from the toolbar. Looking for other clever ways of using an annotation? Check out the Xidipity blog. 

  • Since: v1.0.0
September 25, 2022