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Template: Google Adsense
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The purpose of this template is add a Google Adsense unit to content. In the circumstance where by the placement is in a sidebar widget, no template is required.



Editor view
Google Adsense
In-Article Ad Unit


Web view
Google Adsense
In-Article Ad Unit



<!--  wpX:ADSENSE -->
<div class="bdr:bas-2 bdr:lt-so-3x bkg:tint-bas-1 cnr:arch-sm fx:r fxa:1 fxc:3 web[dsp:none]">
    <div class="pad:hrz+0.5">
    <span class="fnt:siz-lg-5x sm)fnt:siz-lg-6x"><i class="icon:google_ads"></i></span>
    <div class="pad:hrz+0.5">
    <h5>Google Adsense</h5>
        <span class="pad:rt+0.125"><i class="icon:paperclip"></i></span>
        <span class="fnt:wgt-500">#TITLE#</span>
<div class="mce[dsp:none]">
    <!--  wpX:AD-UNIT -->
    <!-- /wpX:AD-UNIT -->
<!-- /wpX:ADSENSE -->

​Template may scroll horizontally in some circumstances.


#TITLE#This is used in the editor view to identify the template.
#AD-UNIT#This is provided by Google.


The template depends on an active Google adsense account . It is important to note for those who are new to this ecosystem, Google expects the site referenced in the application to be up, running, and generating traffic. It is also important to note the solution is good, but not perfect as it may require some experimentation to achieve the desired result. Generally speaking, a responsive ad unit works well as a sidebar widget and the in-article ad unit is a good solution for content ads. In some cases it may be necessary to set the responsive ad unit property ” data-full-width-responsive ” to false. This solution does not support the “Auto Placement” option.

  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022