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Term: Category
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A collection of WordPress posts or media library items regarded as having particular shared characteristics. Categories, unlike tags, may have a hierarchy. For example:

  • Vacation Photos
    • Museum
      • Musée du Louvre

    • Art Gallery
      • Musée d’Orsay
    • Tour Bus
    • Fireworks
  • Nature Photos


The relationship between category items use the metaphors of parent and child. To illustrate, museum is a child of vacation photos. Some templates permit filtering results by the inclusion and exclusion of categories. For example, to filter the results of the above hierarchy to “vacation photos” without “fireworks” would be stated as ” vacation photos,-fireworks “.


Special Post Categories


In many cases the post excerpt summary page will be the site home page and Xidipity is designed to display excerpts with and without featured images. Xidipity is also designed to display excerpt lists using the excerpt list template. In the circumstance where the desire is to display excerpts on the home page and on another page it is possible to hold excerpts from the home page by the use of three special categories. They are as follows.


  • Featured posts 1
  • Featured posts 2
  • Featured posts 3


When creating the categories, the title can be of your choosing but the slugs MUST be as follows.


  • featuredposts1
  • featuredposts2
  • featuredposts3


Assigning any one of these categories to a post will prevent it from displaying on the home page while making it available to the template.


Xidipity also supports the “archiving” of posts. This is accomplished by creating  and assigning posts to the archive category. This solution permits the creation of an archive page which lists the excerpts of posts assigned to this category.


As with featured posts, the title can be of your choosing but the slug must be “archive”.

  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022