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Xidipity supports a page of your creation which is designed to replace the traditional drop down menu. In the example above the page performs the functions of a high level menu which then calls other pages that contain addition details. When activated, the drop down menu is replaced with a three bar icon which calls the page when clicked. To create a menu page perform the following.

  1. click the admin toolbar new page selection
  2. titled as desired
  3. set permalink to ” xidipity-toc
  4. optionally, select the “no title” page template
  5. add desired content
  6. publish page



There are no restrictions on page content and it is important to note the page is live the moment it is published. With this in mind all testing and validation should occur while the status is “draft”. To disable, simply rename the permalink, change the status, or delete the page.  

  • Since: v1.0.0


September 24, 2022