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Configuration: Site Logo & Background Image
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Xidipity WordPress Theme Knowledge Base Configuration Content Header Image

By default WordPress displays the Site Title and the Tagline in the header. These two items are found in the administrative toolbar under Settings ​ double_arrow ​ General.  The Xidipity supports the default and the following.

  1. background image
  2. logo image


The intent of the background image is to serve as a wallpaper for the header. This image does not repeat and should be sized 2560×617 pixels. The background image will work in tandem with the Site Title and Tagline. It also works with the logo.


The intent of the logo image is to be a graphical replacement for the Site Title and Tagline. That is to say when a logo is installed the Site Title and Tagline are not displayed. The recommended size of the logo is 320×137 pixels. A transparent png file format is a good choice.


To install a background or logo image upload the image into the WordPress media library and note the url . Run the update system parameters workflow and replace the appropriate input with the corresponding url .


  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022