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The favorite icon is the icon which is displayed in the browser tab to the left of the page title. The purpose of this icon is to aid in identifying a tab when many are open. The icon will also be used with bookmarks and menus. When considering an icon be mindful it may not only represent who you are but equally, it may represent what you do.


Something to keep in mind is the icon when displayed will be around 16px in size and will not display much detail. In addition, the color should display well on both a white and black background. File formats include ico and png with a maximum size of 512×512 pixels.


The default icon is the WordPress logo which along with the blog name alerts the user they are viewing a WordPress page. To change the favorite icon perform the following steps.


  1. install the Config sys parms page
  2. upload image to the  media library
  3. copy image url to clipboard
  4. load config sys parms page
  5. scroll down to favorite icon
  6. paste the image url into input
  7. click Update  button



  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022