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Editor: Apply Text Advanced Format
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This toolbar selection applies css (Cascading Style Sheets) classes and/or inline style property value pairs to the selected text. A very powerful tool for those who are comfortable applying CSS attributes.



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A declaration may be a class selector or inline style property value pair. An example of a class is aln:txt-ct which is a defined framework class and aligns text centered. An example of a style is color: blue; which is the color property set to the value of the named color blue. It is important to note Xidipity expects style property value pairs to end with a semicolon, where as class selectors do not.



In the event the selected HTML does not have attributes, then the only available choice is the apply new ones. Otherwise, the current attributes can be blended with the new or  replaced with the new.


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  • Since: v1.1.0


September 25, 2022