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The purpose of this toolbar selection is to add a template or other html text to your content. This very powerful feature is how the theme is extended to meet your needs. If the “Add as code block” is checked the contents is added as numbered lines of html code. In all scenarios the code is placed in the underlying html and should be formatted for this purpose.



Add Template

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Available options


Template or other html components to add to your content.



Add the template as a code block with numbered lines.



Add a button to your content.


Configured Template
<!-- wpX:BUTTON -->
<form action="#">
  <button class="bkg:pri-2 bkg:pri-1!hover cnr:arch-x-sm fnt:wgt-500 pad:hrz+2 pad:vrt+0.75 txt:wht">
    <span id="bk25a" class="mar:rt+0.25"><i class="material-icons-outlined">roofing</i></span>Home
<!-- /wpX:BUTTON -->

Template may scroll horizontally in some circumstances.



  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022