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A table is a great way to organize content into rows and columns (tabular data). The Xidipity table uses a tic-tac-toe design with headers and footers omitted by default. The purpose of this toolbar selection is to permit the creatation of a table, the removal of an existing table, or the modificaion of the design of a table. It is important to note tables may scale to the available space but they are not responsive.




default 3×3

item 1 item 2 item 3
item 4 item 5 item 6
item 7 item 8 item 9


1st row set to header

item 1 item 2 item 3
item 4 item 5 item 6
item 7 item 8 item 9


1st three cell types set to header

item 1 item 2 item 3
item 4 item 5 item 6
item 7 item 8 item 9


Tool options

Option Description
Table select rows and columns
Table properties Adjust predefined properties
Width Table width in px/rem/%
Height Table height in px/rem/%
Cell spacing Attribute deprecated
Cell padding Attribute deprecated
Border Attribute deprecated
Caption Add space @ bottom for caption
Alignment Requires width table less than 100%
Style Table inline style
Border style Attribute deprecated
Border color Attribute deprecated
Background color Table background color
Delete table Delete selected table
Table cell properties
Width Cell width in px/rem/%
Height Cell height in px/rem/%
Cell type Header vs standard
Scope Row / Column / Row Group / Column Group
H Align Cell horizontal alignment
V Align Cell vertical alignment
Style Cell inline style
Border style Cell border style
Border color Cell border color hex value
Background color Cell background color hex value
Merge cells Merge two or more table cells
Split cell Split table cell into multiple cells
Insert row before Insert row before the current row
Insert row after Insert row after the current row
Delete row Delete selected row
Delete row Delete selected row
Table row properties
Row type Header / Body / Footer
Alignment Left / Center / Right
Height Row height
Style Row inline style
Border style Row border style
Border color Row border color hex value
Background color Row background color hex value
Cut table row Delete selected row
Copy table row Copy selected row to the clipboard
Paste table row before Paste table row before selected row
Paste table row after Paste table row after selected row
Insert column before Insert column before selected column
Insert column after Insert column after selected column
Delete column Delete selected column


December 4, 2021