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This toolbar selection is a collection of miscellaneous content tools.


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A block quote is any quote that meets or exceeds 4 lines of text for prose and 3 lines for poetry. By using a block quote, you are stating there is something special about the material you’re citing. This also means you’re setting the stage to really get into the specifics of the quotation, showing how it supports your argument or larger point.


Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.



A citation is a reference to the source of information. If used with a block quote it notes the source of the quotation. Citations may be linked or unlinked.


Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.

Albert Einstein



In web design a frame may refer to a mechanism which displays multiple HTML documents in a single browser window. In this context, it is a content wrapper and its purpose is to draw the reader’s attention to the material within. The frame is very versatile as it may contain most html elements including images, media, tables or Xidipity templates. The example uses two panels from the multi column selection.


Xidipity WordPress Theme Knowledge Base Miscellaneous Options Frame
Alice – The Battery Powered Plane

Every minute, 84 flights take off worldwide. Last year, more than 4 billion journeys were made by plane.


Air travel underpins trade, tourism and economic growth, but it is also a contributor to climate change.


So what about catching an electric plane? Let us introduce you to Alice – a prototype unveiled at this year’s Paris Air Show. Planes like this could be the future of short-haul flights.



An excerpt in WordPress is a synopsis of content typically followed with a read more link. It is also used by the search function. By default the excerpt is generated by WordPress. Although better than nothing, the more appropriate solution is to craft an excerpt which invites the reader to continue. Excerpts should be placed at the beginning of content and is presented as follows in the editor.


It was really quite bizarre. One day my body began to change in ways which challenged by ability to describe. The question became; who was I going to tell, and what was I going to do?



This option is typically used to highlight a snippet of computer code placed within a sentence. The presentation uses a monospaced font and the text is tinted.


The framework class “aln:txt-ct” may be used to center text.


Insert redline

Redlining is the process of changing text by showing content to be added and content to be removed. The marked up document is then reviewed by other individuals in order to come to agreement on the final product.


The proposed addition is underlined and presented in blue.


Delete redline

The proposed deletion is struck through and presented in red.



An acronym is an abbreviation for two or more words when grouped together have a unique meaning. Acronyms are captialized and are presented in a heavier font weight.


Did you know nasa is also known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration?


Chr Substitution

Replace the selected character or characters with an unicode substitution. Character substitution evaluates the highlighted character or characters and returns a unicode replacement as indicated by the above table. The list is not exhaustive and is limited to the more popular unicode characters. A more complete list can be found at this GitHub page and any of the symbols on the GitHub page can be added using the add template tool. The syntax is &# plus the last four digits of the the “alt-code” completed with a semicolon.


For example:

The “alt-code” for the Greek letter delta (Δ) is “alt-0916”. This would be added as Δ.


It is important to remember unicode characters may display differently across environments (ie. Apple, Windows, and Google).


Character/s Substitution
(C) ©
(c) ©
(R) ®
(r) ®
$ §
0 °
+/- ±
x ×
X ×
1/4 ¼
1/2 ½
3/4 ¾


September 26, 2021