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The purpose of this toolbar selection is to add an icon to your content. Although the word icon implies an image, in this scenario the word icon refers to an icon tag. An icon tag consists a “<i>” or <span> element which includes a class identifying the icon. The following combined sources include thousands of icon choices:

  1. Font Awesome
  2. Google
  3. WordPress flare
  4. Xidipity

flare These icons have limited functionality.



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Available options

defaultcurrent size
+1/21.25 rem
+11.375 rem
+21.5 rem
+31.8125 rem
+42.125 rem
+52.4375 rem
+62.75 rem
Margin left
+10.125 rem
+20.25 rem
+30.5 rem
+40.75 rem
+51 rem
Margin right
+10.125 rem
+20.25 rem
+30.5 rem
+40.75 rem
+51 rem
Icon Tagtag

  • Since: v1.0.0


September 25, 2022