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The primary function of a WordPress site is the creation of content. The tool for this task is the editor and the Xidipity editor excels in content creation. As an enhanced version of the classic editor it models other popular products like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  On first use their is a sense of familiarity as this is the editor WordPress has supported for years.


The Xidipity editor has two modes of operation; visual and text. The visual mode is where content is created in a manner which closely resembles the result as viewed on the web. The text mode presents the underlying html code the browser uses to render the page. It is important to note the editor compresses the html code to increase the speed of execution which results in reformatting of the html content. Switching between modes is accomplished by clicking the visual or text tab located in the upper right.


The expectation is most of the author’s time will be spent in visual mode.


In addition to all of the toolbar options listed under quick links, the editor form also contains an ” Add Media ” button located in the upper left. This is a core WordPress function which explains why it is not included in the toolbar. It’s purpose is to place an image or video from the  media library into your content and in many ways operates much like an Xidipity template.




How robust is the Xidipity editor?


The toolbar contains twenty five selections which include over ninety options.

  • Since: v1.0.0


July 3, 2022