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A knowledge base is the end product of collecting and organizing pertinent information into a useful form through a process referred to as “knowledge management.” A core purpose of knowledge management is learning, and the goal of the Xidipity knowledge base is to educate users and potential users on the benefits and features of the Xidipity WordPress theme and to be a reference in its use.


A key feature of Xidipity is its adoption of and improvements made to the classic editor. The goal is to make the editor as comfortable to use as Google Docs or Microsoft Word while providing options more tailored to the creation of  web pages than word processing. Xidipity is also designed to be extensible and this is accomplished through the use of templates. All of this is tied together by the Xidipity framework which brings the power of cascading style sheets to your design.


How is this site organized?


We organize this site into the following six knowledge areas.



inventory ​The enhanced and robust classic editor is a key feature of the Xidipity theme. This section is a complete reference to its operation.



inventory ​This section contains the documentation on the wpX framework classes.



inventory ​This section contains how to information on the use of the theme. For example, how do I install the theme?



inventory ​This section has useful information on subjects like icons, colors, and common terms.



inventory ​Available templates are listed here.



inventory ​The Xidipity knowledge base extends the WordPress code editor for the purpose of editing templates prior to their inclusion into content.


Quick Links


We accomplish navigation to specific pages through the use of quick links which are presented on the left, or at the bottom of the page on mobile. Sites which are not apart of the knowledge base are listed as relevant links.




The capitalization of the first character of a quick link means other pages are linked to it.



This site uses the Yoast SEO plugin and its breadcrumb feature. In addition to the knowledge base,  targeted how-to information will be posted on the Xidipity blog and social media.

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July 2, 2022